Enterprise Systems and Solutions Group

Enterprise Systems and Solutions Group (E§Group) is a Canadian professional services company headquartered in Ottawa. Owned and managed by seasoned professionals with many years of experience, we render management and ICT (Information and Communications Technology) consulting services with the focus on developing solutions that enhance enterprise performance in both the public and private sectors. With our passion for imagination, ingenuity and innovation, E§Group management, employees and associates work enthusiastically in close collaboration with our clients and partners to identify and resolve problems. No matter how big or small an engagement, we treat it as a challenge to assist our clients to succeed in their endeavour.

The quality and complement of human resources determine our capacity to meet the current and evolving needs of our existing and potential clients. We actively seek out, attract and nurture talented individuals to work with us as employees and associates. By investing in the professional development of our employees and associates to hone their management, technical and interpersonal skills, we increase our capability to tackle difficult and challenging assignments. Our credibility, and the trust we engender in our employees, associates, business partners and clients is cultivated and nurtured through timely rendering of consistent high quality professional services at an affordable competitive price on difficult and challenging assignments. As professionals we:

  • Keep the client's interest uppermost at all times
    • Delivering what is required rather than what is expected.
  • Behave in a professional manner
    • Maintaining our integrity and avoiding any conflict of interest, whether real or perceived.
  • Safeguard the confidentiality and privacy of client information
    • Not betraying the trust reposed in us by our clients; never using or divulging sensitive and privileged client information without first checking and obtaining permission.
  • Maintain objectivity and independence
    • Doing the right thing for the right reasons in order to develop innovative solutions; having the courage of our convictions in the face of popularly held views or succumbing to pressure.
  • Deliver the best cost effective solutions to our clients
    • Our employees and associates make judicious and prudent use of our client's as well as company resources, just as they would with their own personal resources.